F1 Contest entry - Future Ferrari F1 (new variation)


Now i posted the original version allready somedays ago to Ccurtis… or however it is spelt. Here is slightly tuned up version. So this updates the one allready on the blenderf1 page…

looks really awesome!
Good luck in the contest!

real real really good render. vehicle is a beaut. love the blender decal … YES!

Really Cool! Great Job!


… just too bad the poor driver can’t see out the front. (j/k) good render / look you’ve got there. (A tad too reflective on that side panel, tho.) Just out of curiosity, how much would the blender foundation be able to contribute to the sponsorship of an F1 “car” in the year 2310? :smiley:

Well the view isnt really that bad… Plus (not shown on the pic from this angle) there are pretty wide selection of monitors inside the cockpit… which i suppose have something to do with flying this thing. :smiley:

Damn you! Got your F1 Entry done already.

Really great style. I would think the vehicle has some problems stearing, maybe its a no turns on the tracks it runs??

Love the Ettan sponsor!!

I love the bridgestone ad on the not-tires. Bridgestone branches out into counter-grav elements? Bridgestone – Zen Tires? Roll by not rolling?

My brane is broken … :slight_smile:

I actually did not put any aerodynamic steering to it because i was thinking that it uses raw enginepower to steer. Bit like spaceshuttles in space.

Thats pretty much what i thought when i put the Bridgestones there.

Okay i kinda got bored on the original setup so i made a new one.

might update… ?

Nice atmosphere and mood, but the shadow looks a bit out of place, if the light is coming from track ligting there would be three or four quite sharp shadows from the nearest lamps, with a very, very soft shadow for the ambient sky lighting/sun over the horizon. Also the track could do with a little motion blur, just a few pixels.

There goes that “improvement” update… :smiley:

Lucky you, i’ve practically lost my entry, my main computer is bust and out of my hands at the moment, hardware failure, except the errors are inconsistent and we (my father and) have no idea what is wrong with it.

5 stars

Oh man, thats tough luck. I hate when hw (or sw for that matter) does that. Fails without any comprehensible reason. :S I hope you get your stuff working again, there is still time :slight_smile:

Wow thanks :slight_smile:

Wow nice image! Love the design and the detail and, of course, the fire! Great job and great luck on the competition!

Great job mate! 5 stars :slight_smile:

Wow! I like this work.

how do u get thos decals???

I dont mean to sound rude, but read the starter tutorial. Its all in there :slight_smile: . Its nothing difficult to do.