F1 Contest entry - Velocity

woot :smiley: :RocknRoll:



Nice. I see, that you have used vector blur :).

Bit too blurry imho… But nice. I’d think that the track would be wider to allow other cars to claim your position… unles ofcourse they do it overhead the vehicle. :smiley:

Looks really good except for the blur and the noise left from AO on the side of the car. Might want to get rid of those for a really go image. Good luck!

you fit quite a bit of detail in there :slight_smile:

There would be a huge improvement if you didn’t blur the vehicle… The background is blurred because of the motion in relation to the fixed camera. Therefore if the vehicle is equally blurred… technically, this would mean the vehicle isn’t moving and the camera is …

If you completely get rid of motion blur on the vehicle, and keep the blur the same for the background, it’ll give you the illusion of speed you want :smiley:

The turbine are very good, well modeled, but I think the blur effect waste a bit their potential. Anyway, good work!

If you are going to blur anything on the vehicle you should blur the turbine blades as they should be spinning really fast.