F1 CONTEST YAYA's entry (UPDATE_08,29-03-2004 page 6)

Sorry for the first post, but I couldn’t resist!!!

This is how far it is for now, four hours’s not enough!!

C&C welcome


I think you got a contender!
Now I’M sweating! I better get in gear! :smiley:

Nice design.

picks jaw up off floor Awesome design!

The only crit I have is that just before the fin starts, there is a big seam. Otherwise it is awesome


The OSA is not enougth…

mechanical details of engine looks fake, but maybe it’s lightning/texture which must be tweaked


For the seam, it’s normal: some attaches will fit there, same on the “wings”

Come on with the comments (goods and bads)


S68: you’re right, it’s a WIP, for the leak of details, they will be modelled, not textured, and the AA it’s the Blender-standart-ugly one that everyone knows!! :o

Little update:
attaches on the body,
Two airtakes on the sides
tell me what you think

nice ride ya got there :wink:

I wish I could do that to :smiley:

WOW :o :o

Maintenance bot at work!
I leave the car’s details for the moment, I concentrate on the scene, and it’s not my preferred part!

I think, you should improve a shape of the window. It looks strangely flat from the last viewpoint. I also wonder what is with the cloud texture on the floor and walls…
But no serious crits at this time :wink: :slight_smile:

for the windshield shape: it’s in progress, I think I’m gonna detail all the interior and leave the cockpit open.
And the ugly text on the floor and wall, it’s gonna change, I think with a picture map, but it’s still in developpement!

Hey BgDM, I don’t hear you!! :expressionless:


Very nice model, like the shapes a lot :slight_smile:
nose just looks a bit too blank compared to rest of the vechile, imo. or maybe it just needs texture :slight_smile:

Walog: clever remark, I take it in account, thanks!


everything looks great! the cocpit looks funny though. maybe finish it off with a seat and some controls.


That’s in progress, but I’m still searching the look of the inside!
There will be an update Monday, going back to my Family for a while :wink:


Hi folks,

This is where it is for now,


Things to do:
-modelling the whole scene behind the window with a lot of stuff inside
-finding the good texture for the tube that arrive on the nose
-interior of the cockpit
-get rid of the weird thingies on the side airtake
-reshaping the bot, it was a abandonned wip, but now I must make the thing right!

C&C please


I can only see two things. You mentioned about the top of the right side air intake, not looking right. And right where the hose passes over the shadows there appears to be a little kink. It would be nice to see the hose going to a big yellow fuel tank on rollers with some big “flammable” decals down the side. I also like the floor texture, very industrial. It’s looking good, way better than mine, for sure.

Thanks for comment
For the hose, you’ve got the eye man, I saw it, but I was too lazy for fixing it, promise, the next update won’t show it anymore! :-?

Well for the big tank, it would be funny but not well assorted with the rest of the spirit of the scene. I’d like to give an impression of control room behind the window, that means a lot of work(furniture, character,etc…).

There’s a bunch of details that will be added on the engines.