F1 Entry - Another Colour Test & Update

Well, not much added. I changed it from an open seater to a closed cockpit, (casue I can’t model a human figure worth a crap %| ).

Trying out a new colour scheme as well. I still have to tweak some of the assignments, etc. for the materials, but I think you get the idea.


So let me know what you think as time is running out on me.


holy f*ckin incredibility! i love it. however, the midlle part looks metallic and the left parts not

Thanks varg black! As I said, I haven’t assigned mats to everyhting yet. Those that are not yet metalic are unassigned as of now. Wil be getting there.


hey your lat avatar was better, what’s this, can’t undrstand it

1 thing i don’t understand, which part is the front, the 29 or the blue capsule, if the 29 is front the turbines at the side are not aerodinamic. if the blue capsule is front, then it’s not aeor dinamic, the front should be low like the 29 fornt

I can’t see the image…


I’m late I’m late! Still have to finish setting!

(And I’m wondering if it is woorth going on after seing this…)


Okay, now it shows…
all I can say is :o
that looks verrrry nice

wow! this is looking slick.
nice choice of colors. I love the engine tubes, that dark material almost looks like dark transparent glass, which would be NICE effect…

no you need the scene.

Thanks for the replies!

Where the #29 is is the front of the machine. The driver will sit in the rear under the blue glass/capsule thingy. As far as aerodynamics go, when you have all that power, who really worries about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean. Time is definitley running out. As far as you not entering, you had better. That babe you posted will win you the comp anyway. :wink:

Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks basse. I had not thought of the dark colour looking like glass. But now that you have mentioned it, it does a bit. I know I need a scene. But with time running out, I may just put a bunch of cubes in the BG and MBLUR them just to have something in there. :-?

Thanks again guys.