F1 Entry

Here is my entry:

Final render

Wire view

3D view

Modelled in Blender 2.32 and then finished in Blender 2.33. The Blender glow plugin was used.

There are a total of 10 layers in this scene. Each layer has its own lighting. Numerous lamps were used, but no AO. Just under 3 million verts here.

The main render is smaller and has higher jpeg compression than the entry images I had sent Curtis earlier this evening.

Well, I wanted to do something very different and try something like a movie poster look/feel with this piece. This took long to finish, and much was learned. I certainly would have loved to tweak settings even more, but, due to personal time limits and render times in this piece, this is where this project stands for now.

Some more renders using select layers:


Runner Mode

To those of you who followed this in the WIP and test render threads, thank you very much for your enthusiasm and encouragement. It was a memorable Blender experience :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone, and thanks again to Curtis for hosting such a great contest :slight_smile:


Great work RobertT!

( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice, but some of it is a little to much IMO. But its great work.

Modeling is beautiful, but frankly, the lighting is just WAY too intense and blue. It makes the picture difficult to look at.

Great models. And I liked to follow the WIP-Thread. But I think your final image is just too much pressed in to little space. The detail of your wonderful models just vanishes in that picture. Nevertheless much luck in the competition. Am really curious about who will win this year. :slight_smile:

Its very well done!

under 3 million verts??!! WOW!!! my computer would of crashed 10 times!! (partly why sometimes its hard for me to make very detailed images)

This is awesome work, and the modeling is beutiful but the final render looks more like an advertisment for a computer game then an F1 entry, just my oppinion.

I sugest you re-work the final render, but its just my oppinion like I said.

Good work none the less


I like the effect

It looks like some kind of retro style that can be found in old computer games boxes or video covers

I also agree that it looks strange for an F1 entry…

best wishes in the competition Robertt

X-WARRIOR: Thanks!

Ataryu: Thank you. I realize I went overboard on this. So much went into this project, and much had to be deleted just to make this renderable, but I’m glad it’s over with.

WeirdHat: Thanks. I made a few changes during the last render cycle, which was up to 17 hours. I checked the results on two monitors (one CRT, one LCD), and they’re a little higher than I had wanted.

Jerri: Thanks. I realized towards the tail end of this project that, out of all the internal and external details I had worked into the three modes of this particular F1 racer, only some of them would be able to be displayed no matter how I approached this, so the movie posterish route seemed a good option for presenting things, including the storyline behind the racer and its driver. I also realized people new to this would not necessarily understand this particular approach to the F1 contest, so I figured by doing additional lettering in Blender I could hint at the story I made for this.

mystery00: Thank you very much, mystery00. Your description of this is not off track. Things like video game covers and sci-fi movie posters were the type of end product I was going for here. I had warned everyone in my WIP thread that this wasn’t necessarily going in the direction people might have expected, but my goal was to do something different, have fun, and to learn something, not to win :slight_smile:

chocobanana: Thank you very much. Yes, your description is right on target. Seeing where everyone was going with their entries, I wanted this to take on a very different character and evolve an entire story out of a reinterpretation of the letters F1 :slight_smile: Strange it is, but then much of my work probably is :slight_smile:

GCat: Thank you very much, GCat.


This is a great piece! So many different elements.
Nice composition too.

Is that the Statue of Liberty in the background?


i followed all you WIP and i must say that i’m not so keen with the end product. I loved all WIPs but the poster ist just too full. No details visible and the lighting gives it a simplified look.

Just my two pence. I really love the runner mode, it’s great!


I totally agree with chocobanana. Amazing work, RobertT! This poster totally makes me want to go and see the movie…

[!] [>] Any chance of a “Freedom of the One” short??? ;).



Really, RobertT you went over the board on this one. :wink:

Now we are all waiting for the movie, and not a short !

Very good as usual, but the choice of colors is not really my taste.

Colors+very high level of detail makes the image very had to read.

That is of course still way above many entries

good luck

rwv01: Thank you very much! YES - You saw it!! :smiley: I was wondering if anyone would catch that :smiley:

SirVer: I appreciate the honest feedback. I’ll be honest too and say I wanted the final render to be better, at least more consistent with my other work, but the punishing render times didn’t let me tweak much within the time constraints. My favorite is runner mode too :slight_smile:

block01cube: Thank you! Maybe. I’d have to redesign everything so that I wouldn’t be facing 17 hour renders per frame :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe some day :slight_smile:

lukep: Thank you so much, Luke! I really appreciate that. The overdeveloped details became somewhat detrimental in the end because they lead to such massive render times and near impossible editing even with 3dview subsurf set to 0 and the fact I set those details on ten different layers. In spite of this particular render, I do leave this project a better blenderhead in terms of technical modeling and hope people can see past the glitz and realize what went into this and what it took to reach this point. Next year I do hope to go for a far more manageable approach while attempting an even more technically intricate design :slight_smile: Best of luck with your entry in the F1 challenge!


awesome, love the pilot render


Robert Great work there, I love yout way of using colours - only thing is they are way to more saturated for my apetite of colours :D.

You made the whole scene look like a nice poster composition. :o

BTW I agree with Teqno there,

Excellent entry Robertt.

The composition of the final is bothering me though. Not that it is bad, but there just seems to be too much in it. It is destracting and doesn’t make you focus in on one aspect of the image, which should be the F1.


beautiful, except, all of the things u make arent realistic, they are like, fantasy, in a dreamlike environment, i think for this model u should have focused on a more real render. i like your style, but i think u could try a bit harder for realizm.

Awesome! My only complaint is that it is much too ‘busy’. Tone it down…

Teqno: Thanks! :slight_smile:

varuag: Thank you. Yes, I agree about the saturation. I didn’t have any more time to tweak though.

BgDM: Thank you very much BgDM. I appreciate your insight and know exactly what you mean. Better lighting could have helped to better balance the overall composition too, as would have fewer elements. In terms of composition, the pilot was placed in the center instead of the vehicles for a couple of reasons, not just for the sake of the storyline but more to function as a bridging element, to cover where terrain on the left intersected the metal platform on the right as well as to unify the quadrants of the scene, including the robot city in the back. Ideally, I would have wanted to scale things differently as well, but within the resolution limits it was tricky since I didn’t want the F1 in its three modes to be diminished while at the same time I couldn’t (more like didn’t want to) reduce other elements without sacrificing details and clarity (like the captive’s arms reaching through the bars to the F1 runner (on the right). I tweaked something like a 100 hand rigs for that area alone :slight_smile: Next year I will take a much different approach to the environment and go for cleaner overall execution, realism too.

skeletor: Thanks. No, you’re right, not a drop of realism in this one :slight_smile: It was a different style I was going for, more sci-fi fantasy than anything else. As you know I like to experiment with different styles, real, surreal, abstract, etc., so this project was just one more experiment :wink:

HOSJ: Thanks! Yes, busy it is :slight_smile: I think Blender as a program may be trying to tell us something when render times for a single frame go over 10 hours :smiley: It was fun though.