F1 Entry

Hey, this is my entry this year.

nice texturing! and sick design. looks fast. how about showing more of the scene? ie. fuel barrels, service robots, scrap material/parts, other racers…

mmmmmmmm, love it.
Needs some more to the background though.

ive seen that somewhre else…??deviantart?

2 word on the design:


You certainly know the saying:
Less is more.

This is a typical example.

Very very nicely done matey!

Brilliant entry!

Its a pity you never had a WIP, unless i missed it. Not because it isnt great or anything but because it would have been nice to see how you made it. (And i might have pinched some ideas). Definately the best i have seen so far.

Yeah, really excellent. And the scene is just perfect for the racer - it keeps the focus on the important thing, the model itself, and first actually very well. I do like the colors and the lighting a lot, it gives the feeling of a big hall and that without any other visible background structures.
The modelling as well as the texturing are outstanding and the concept very, very smooth. It definitely looks fast.

Perfect exactly how it is…
15 stars…

ooooohhhhhh yeah!!! Awesome!!!

Now I want blue flames out the back and to see that baby go screaming fast!!!


I am new to blender. But how long did it take for you to do this?

very very nice. scene is excellent as well, well lit, simple and elegant.

excellent design too, but i sort of feel like you could have pushed the “panels” idea a bit further… but it is extremely successful as is. I love the non specular/reflective paint. looks like it’d feel like stone or clay when you touched it, great texture.

Really sweet! Great textures and materials! They look fantastic.

I agree that perhaps a scene may look good, but I personally like the tarmac look.

Best of luck in the Compitition

Thanks for all the positive comments. The background was partly due to how much time I had left to work on it as well as not having too many ideas for one.

halo71: It took about 4 days of modelling on and off and a few hours for the textures.

TheANIMAL: I’ve stopped doing WIP threads because I hardly ever finished them, I’d rather just keep half finished models to myself now and post finished ones. I might post another WIP soon but I don’t think my modelling process is anything that hasn’t been seen before.

Perfect as is.


That is beautiful. I saw and immediately gasped “f-zero!” Great job. It looks ready to streak through an abandoned mining asteroid at mach 7. Amazing.

Love the design…this is the front runner for me as well.

Everyone else had better up their game if they want to win.

Very good work, Syn.

Everyone else had better up their game if they want to win.

Quoted for total agreement :eyebrowlift:


Hey, nice entry. Now I’m motivated to finish mine in the next few days! :smiley:


Hey! Splash screen contest!! it’s not to late (as of posting this)! I would love to see this monster every time I start up!