F1 entry

And here is my f1 dream :eyebrowlift:


This is cool. I like the helicopter look happening.

The body is really cool. Since all the wheels have ball bearings, what drives this ting?

very cool shapes! kinda reminds me of a hammerhead shark. looking forward to seeing more of this entry. :slight_smile:

Great concept! It looks like it could go either direction!

I like that concept, It’s looking fast, wild, and simple on the same time

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the replies.

The exhaust pipe is actullay taken from a heli. The rest was like treatkor mentioned (seems i haven’t done that much wrong :D) inspired by sharks. I really like the shape of them they look extremly fast and aerodynamic.
And yeah with the thin tail it really has a heli look but i must say it doesn’t hurt the feeling at all :).

I intended to give it a nozzle but it doesn’t work so i have to change the wheels or find a solution.

Happy Easter!


it look better than the first version which was very cool. It seems that the mirroir is too far in back of the car.

Sorry for my poor english language, i only speak french.

Both of these look very cool.

Awsome work,
it looks like a shape of F1, but inverted, i love it :smiley:

Thanks. You might be right with the mirror. I’ll play arround with it.

Great you like them, thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you2 and :wink:

Not much but i think i’ll now know how to handle the engine… sssssSSSSSSSSSS:spin:


For some reason I saw this design and immediately thought it was the car “The Stig” (Top Gear) would build. But not in a conventional fashion. As if he’d telekenetically throw metal at other metal until this was forged…

In other words, I like it - origninal but not different for difference sake, still looks like a really cool fast machine.

Guess i have to be honored to hear that name here, thanks Ben.
Chuck Norris would’ve formed a car by kicking repeatedly against a still burning hot asteroid *kick :smiley:

The lod of the nozzles seems to be to high for the rest so i guess i’ll have to spend some more time on the body…


Ha! Love a good Chuck Norris reference… Nozzles look good, perhaps you could make up the detail in textures on the body? Dirt, sponsor stickers, that sort of thing.

To be honest, it seems like the big jets up on top seem to take something away from the streamlined awesome look of the rest of the body. Maybe if the jets were lower and somehow built into the lines of the car. I have no idea how you’d do it, just a thought. :slight_smile:

But either way, it still looks awesome. Sorry if I sounded too critical, I just really love the nice streamlined look of the main body, and the engines seem to clash with that. Very cool design overall though.

I agreee with DreadZed! The jets should be lower and they should look with more sharp edges and have a more “cubic” shape!

I have to agree with the last two guys. Those jets spoil the nice look you had, perhaps build them into the bodywork as I have with my F1 car.
Mine is also a WIP, so be kind. :slight_smile:


You might be right but i will wait with texturing until i know that the model is done and having some more AO can’t be wrong :wink:

About the nozzles, yeah you guys are right. They interrupt the nice line coming from the front going all the way to the back. I will have to find a different solution. Thanks.

Alright. I’ll say it. My suggestion would be to rework the back axels a little and try to tuck the engines under the rear tail fins and hug the inside of the car. That would keep the whole design lower to the ground and a bit more streamlined overall. I just didnt want to be too helpful because it looks like a very serious contender so far… but being conflicted, part of me also wants to see this car looking as bad-ass as possible.