F1, first time taking part in the contest

so this is what i did so far, today… dont really know how i came up with this lobster like shape, just happend while playing around with various shapes… and don’t know yet if it will stay this way.


comments welcome :slight_smile:

looks good, and a bit comical. I like it :smiley:

You have a great start. keep working on it and pay close attention to details. The rear wing looks “stuck” on. Maybe refine the struts holding it on to make it appear better integrated with the body.

Ciao for now!


thx for the comments so far :slight_smile:
i know that i need kind of many details… right now i think i am going to at lots of monitors, switches etc in something like a retro style, like the quite old-fashioned steering wheel. as for the overall look i am still torn between a polished racing car with advertizing on it etc or a more rusty/dirty looking mad-max style
the seat i have in there right now is just a placeholder, i hope i will come up with a better one later on :smiley:


the same, just a little bit polished and painted:

after some changes this car now looks a bit more conventional… though now i am not sure if this might be too conventional…


Very nice! I like the tyres, and both versions of the car look good. You could have both versions compete in a race, just like in DTM, where you have Mercedes and Audis
Btw, the road might need some work… Doesnt really remind me of racing