F1 Front wing design, need feedback and some help :)

The title says it all really. Any feedback is welcome and if anyone knows how to create like curved triangler plane (http://e2.365dm.com/15/07/16-9/20/hungary-budapest-hungaroring-hungarian-formula-1-grand-prix-red-bull-wing-austria_3330712.jpg?20150729115512 like this one the left please tell me) I am trying something new.

Could you be a little more specific? It’s hard to understand what I’m looking at in the picture that you have highlighted in red. Which part are you trying to create?

I’d take a guess, since it’s still kind of hard to tell what’s being asked… Mesh out an airfoil piece of sufficient density, then box out a somewhat low density box over it that follows the shape, put on a mesh-deformer modifier and link it, then deform the low-poly control cage mesh with proportional editing to further twist or deform the airfoil shape. If you get it where you like it, then apply the modifier and delete the control cage.

Alternately this could be done with lattice deformer. But mesh deformer tends to give better controlled results as the influence isn’t limited by having a rectangular shape.

you see those winglets. (where the red ‘R’ is )im trying to recreate those

you see those winglets. (where the red ‘R’ is )im trying to recreate those

I don’t think I was that off the mark in how to get the wavy shape as seen from the front. (In this case modeling the foils straight across first before using the modifier.) That and a bit of proportional editing on both the actual mesh and the modifier cage. How close you’ll get depends on how much you’re willing to tweak it.

Could it work with a bezier curve (the profile) extruded along another bezier curve (the path) ? using curve’s bevel object setting