F1 gift: Car paint video tutorial

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, and since the F1 contest is coming up (though I won’t be entering), I thought I’d make this tutorial about making a car paint shader while there’s time for it to be useful. I’ve learnt a bit from the last glow tutorials I made, hopefully this is an improvement. Rather than just posting a blend file of the material, I thought it would be valuable to explain the theory behind it too. It partly uses the Minnaert shader currently available in tuhopuu3 - you can grab a copy from the testing build forums at blender.org, though you can also get a similar effect in 2.36 with a bit of extra work, using ramps.

Here’s a little preview image:

and here’s the video (12MB MPEG4 file) and the .blend file.

Nice tutorial, but we can’t use the tuhopuu builds for the challenge…
I guess we will have to abuse of ramps :slight_smile:
Subsidiary question, what is the name of the font that you are using ?

nice tutorial broken, thanks for sharing


efbie: Oh really, that’s a shame. I was allowed to use tuhopuu when I entered a couple of years ago so I just assumed. It shouldn’t make a huge difference to the main premise though, anyway. The font I like to use for everything is Univers 59 Ultra Condensed.

Cheers, guys


This is imho pretty much the best tutorial out there :smiley: Thanks. It’ll definately come in handy.

Really? I don’t recall allowing that. Hmmm.

ok, where exactly on that forum page is the tut? Could you post the exact link?

The video link is at the bottom of Broken’s post. The forum link is if you want to get a tuhopuu build.


oh ok. Sorry. Didn’t see that. Just saw the forum link.

Thanks Theeth.

Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

A quick question… what method did you use to capture your on-screen video?

broken, nice!! well thought out and executed tutorial. kudos.

Thanks guys, hope it was useful!

CurtisS: I used Snapz Pro X for the video capture, and I did most of the editing in Quicktime Pro. (Copy / Add Scaled is surprisingly capable!)

so cool and professional looking tutorial … NICE

Broken said…(in part)

. . .and here’s the video (12MB MPEG4 file) and the .blend file.

I must have a hardware problem! Never have encountered this message:


Any help appreciated. I hate to miss out on cool stuff… :expressionless:

yeah i’m in the same boat. :frowning:


works fine for me - just tried downloading it again

could it be a different quicktime version causing some problems ?

Bugger, that’s odd - it’s using the same settings/codecs as my glow tutorials (MPEG4 video/audio). I’d suggest try updating to the latest Quicktime, though vlc and mplayer should be able to play MPEG4 as well.

you have my vote!


perhaps its coz i use quicktime alternative.