F1, I'm falling behind already

Everyone seems to have come far on their entries. Myself I’ve only completed a back wheel yet:

Yeah, but it’s a damn cool looking back wheel, so no worries :slight_smile: I’ll be interested to see where you take this. If it’s anything as good as last year’s entry, the other competitors had better watch out!

Very nice looking back wheel there.
Detail, drool drool, tire treads, little bolts
only comment is that the gear on the front should have a slotted hole instead of a round hole.
That way the engine (cant wait to see that part) could turn it without difficulty)
is it only gonna have one rear wheel?
very cool [!]

note to pofo: STOP WORKING NOW! cause this back wheel look totally awesome!

/me need to work even more on my entry…

COOOOL! Man, I wanna see more of that baby!

Amazing! Only comment - the outside of the wheel looks too smooth, or maybe you could fix that with a rough texture. Great though! :smiley:

no worries pofo, I haven’t even started yet… there’s no blend, no sketch, no idea. I’m pretty sure, it’s going to be no entry too, just like last time :slight_smile:

your wheel looks very awesome. the details… well, there is great detail.


You’re more advanced than me… I’ve the wheels only up to now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments :smiley:
Unfortunately I won’t have time to finish it before the deadline, but here’s a bit of an update at least: http://w1.185.telia.com/~u18510119/temp/wheel3.jpg

I think I’v overdone the detail level a bit (the hundred or so little bolts on the wings don’t even show at this resolusion) even though the rear end is done and it has no textures it already takes my poor old computer forever to render (and with only two spots too). So I’ll probably not make much more until I’ve got a new comp :wink:

looks damn great, howeveri don’t think it’s gonna be in time, if ur only on the back wheel. if finished it seem to have incredible possibilities, the smoothness on the tire is true. anyway cool! keep on it

Yeah, I’ve the same problem… always… but if you WIN the poster prize then the level of detail will be visible!


Great excuse to get a new computer :wink:

Very awesome modeling, it’s looking extremely great.
For some reason though, chain drive doesn’t “feel” very high tech to me, though it looks great.

Come on pofo, pull out all the stops, you can make the deadline :slight_smile: