F1 Racer Eevee

Hello, here is my new project :smiley:

I have a passion for cars and this is a short teaser video for a new F1 generation design. I did all the retopology from cad data, slightly modified some parts to better fit with model style. Cause I am a big fan of Ferrari I decided to create textures with their style.


You can download my Blend : here.

Hope you like it :smiley:

Formula 1 2019 design by Petr Pucinho (Grab Cad).
Environment by katarn66


looks great and nowhere am I able to create this kind of perfect render myself (yet)

one (small) critique… de print on the wheels on the right side is mirrored.

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You can download my blendfile and feel free to experimwnt with it, its quite easy to create stuffs like that. If you will find some problems write me and i will help you. Happy Blending!

I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Looks incredible! Does it utilize Irradance Volume?

great job. Fun fact: the model is part of the 2018 season, not 2019. You can tell by the design of the nose wing. 2019’s was designed to be less complex to allow for better overtaking when one car follow’s in the other car’s “dirty air”.

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Hi, Smillex55. Congratulations for your beautiful job. I am newbie in Blender Artists. I am less 15 minutes old… XD! (In fact, this is my first comment …:slightly_smiling_face:) I don’t know if we can find the complete process of any job… Can you tell me? Best regards…

At least I would like to know your process in the creation of your job. :slight_smile: