F1 super challenge OMG! (color update yay)

Alright sp this is my f1 racer thingy for the “competition”…but first i have no idea how to enter, second what do you think? should i bother? :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for looking :):):):):):):slight_smile:


heres the website with all the rules and info about the competitionhttp://www.blenderf1.com/
and of course you should “bother” with the competition. even if you dont win, a competition can be a great learning experience.

looks kinda like mine lol, just make sure you have a open cockpit, that really threw me off., i like it so far, you should put some placeholding materials on it

place holding materials?, you have one?, i like through threads and found nothing of the sort?

i havent started a thread yet for mine, i just started working on it today. like assign some quick materials to it, that way it looks better than the quick grey boring render

If you need a car paint material or the like, go here. They have every Blender material and then some, and there are loads of car paint ones.

Cheers and God bless.

umm…theres no link…

UPDATE! yay!


i take it you dont like the color? lol

I would love to see a different angle. It is a bit difficult to get a good feel for the design with the current render. Now is a good time to start working on the details!
So far so good.



i swear to god man i picked the same color. gosh such a copy cat lol

lol, thats not the final color…maybe it will be but, im going to have to tweak it…about details…im’a tryin’ and yea i’ll post in abit

i found a really good way to get a shiny paint job if you want me to share the secrets lol, look at my new thread

Better at all?


can you email me a blend and ill give it a paint job :p, i promise i wont steal it.

its looking good. What i would suggest is getting rid of the Specular and adding in a slight bit of Ray Mirror. Unless you want it to look plastic:)

i fixed an awesome amount on the jets…but i’ve run into a problem…i want to make a thing like the picture (mustang) on my F1, but do the the mesh its impossible, is there some other way, because if i do you mesh, first it will add too many pollys, and i dont have the skill to do it…is there some way i can use that retopo thing(i have no idea how to use it…
…heres my mesh and the other stuff



Choose face selection in edit mode (as opposed to vertex selection)
Choose the faces you want to push in. Press ‘e’ and this will extrude, but it can also extrude inward and will indent. Play around with it and you can then delete one of the faces to create the intake. See if that helps :slight_smile: