F1 teaser

teaser, not WIP, I’m not going to show the Car or the Scene, just the driver :stuck_out_tongue:




Bastard!! :wink:

I might as well just give up now.



Thats really good

rowrrrr, she’s hot (from what I’m able to see at this size)
we need a drewling emoticon.


Uh-oh, Stefano is using the “sex sells” angle to win this contest. CAN’T ANYONE STOP THIS MADMAN! :slight_smile:

Thanx guys :slight_smile:

Now I need a car.


Funny 8)

if you pinch your eyes, cross your toes, swallow your tongue and stand on right feet you CAN see the car… and I tell you, it’s AWESOME. all that detail, all those textures with all that detail, and that chrome… that chrome… it’s something I have never seen before, it’s almost liquid, almost moving… it’s perfectly reflective, and without a single scratch on the surface… and the engine, it just oozes the supernatural power. you can hear the angels singing when this baby is started up…
hmm… it’s sure a winner. I’ll will never blender anymore.

btw. the driver is “ok” too.


Stefano, but when you tease, YOU TEAAASE!!! :< :< :< Now that’s evil, showing us a pic of that lovely lady and then expecting us to believe you’re also going to render the pit stop crew, composed only of topless dames… :wink: