F1 testing Entry

Ok, here it is first one of many to come.
Just to see what people think, it is still in the early stage but if u have some useful comment please do comment on it. Thanks
More will come soon, this is only what i made in last three houres so it is not much.

Can we see a mesh?

A mesh?
Hope this is satifactory.


You are modeling way to high poly, I like the design, but something like this is not gonna be a guaranteed winner, you have to blow out your competition with detail. And that might even mean you have to create the whole cockpit and everything. I like the concept a lot. Try to turn down the poly’s with a poly reducer script or something. But it is coming along.

Thanks for replay. I am aware of poll problem that was one of reason why i asked for advice in the beggening of modeling. I defently will need to do somthing on that matter. Thanks again.

I might just remodel the cockpit area, and add even more detail. But the halos are awesome!