well, i figured i would throw my hat into the f1 ring too… why not, i’ve got plenty of time, actually this took me only about half an hour to model, tweaking took a little longer(i modelled the separate components, and then threw em together) but… i dont know what to do for textures, i nevre do… c&c please

The jet engines look pretty good, but they dont seem to fit the rest of the model. Suggest either making the engine casing more rounded or (what i would personally do) is to add some sharp edges to the body.

Not bad for half an hour, reminds me of the SR-71 Blackbird.

This looks pretty good. The jets look nice, but IMO you should delete the rest of the body and go for a cubical design. If you can model the body to fit the jets it will look quite nice.

Take a look at X’s entry from last year. It has a lot of details but it isn’t subsurfed. I don’t think this will look good subsurfed. But it is up to you. Maybe you can pull it off with subsurf, but IMO you should go cubical like your jets.


Looking really good. Those engines are mean.

I think the engies would fit more if the body was a bit more angular. I think sharpening up the small wings to the front left and right would make a big difference.

yeah i think i’m gonna make the body a lot different, i was gonna scrap it alltogether but i kinda like the overall shapes, I worked on the engines the most, well because how else are you gonna get anywhere. I’ll see what i come up with for the body, i dont quite like the smootheness everywheres. hmmm… Thanks for the comments!


here’s an update, i think i might still redo the front end, but i think everything else, its ok, I’ll see though.

looking better! But you need to make the scene brighter. Try turning up the intensity on whatever lamp you are using. But this is looking better. Also, could you post bigger renders if possible?

sorry about the brightness, i know, I started rendering it looking at my lcd, and then i switched to my crt, and realized i messed up, but its really hard All i have to use right now is my laptop which is sooo slow… i miss my 3k+ amd64 box, hopefully i can get it back online soon. until then… Its hard, I’ll get a better version rendering tonight. That one there took something around 10 hours to render. which would have taken me 10 minutes on my main box. arhgg…

well i turned raytracing off… even though i had some effects relying on ray shadows… oh well… here is a new render, no raytracing, it doesnt look bad, it just doesnt look all that good. I also made it bigger so you can see it better, it renders fast enough without ray tracing to do it.
edit(didnt want to bump my post)
some more model enhancements


i messed up a bit on things, I hate texturing. It sux. anyone know how to add decals? a few more mods to the model, and i am about to call this done.

The cockpit could use some more details. But looking good. Looks way better than the first render. :stuck_out_tongue: About the decals. I just learned how to do this myself. Search for a thread in the Blender General thread called, “Decals.” That should help you out.

Good updates. Looks much better for the brighter renders and the colour scheme. 8)

You need to add the central cone section to the fans for the engines though. :wink:

Keep going,