F10 - Try or Die


nice work i like the way you used your nodes.

Thank you.

I think with those graphics, you can make a role-playing FPS game like Bioshock Infinite. The graphics on the boxes also look pretty good in that first scene.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

I think you posted the wrong link… It downloads a game called Mega Racer (a kind of boring game, I might add), which has a file called a.avi. I don’t recommend ever opening this file, it seems to be a horror short. There is also a readme.txt that has a single word: Zoran. After a little research, I believe this to be Zoran Ratic, on CGCookie, A.K.A Deoce on CGTalk. What is this!?! Maybe fix the link?

Its the right link. Press F10 while youre driving

Does that activate the actual game?

Oh man, I wet my pants. That was HORRIFYING! :evilgrin: I LOVE IT!

EDIT: I didn’t even get past the murderous blue man’s face!

Right??? Really nice work sir!

Trying now… wait no… just watched the video… gotta get a change of pants… geez howd you make that?

Um… I don’t know if I saw what I was expected to see - a cars driving along the way, I was avoiding them. And pressing F10 made music sound a bit werid… That’s all!:frowning: