F12 and Rendering Tab Not Updating to Match Viewport

I’m having an issue in the last few builds of Blender, including 2.93.1. This happens in any scene I open, even the default scene without any changes. I can open the default scene in Blender with the factory defaults. If I click F12, I receive a blank render (see below). If I go to the Rendering tab, I receive the same image (see below). However, if I go to the main toolbar, click Render, and then click Render Image, it renders the camera view. If I then move the cube and click F12, it renders the same image as I just received by rendering via the toolbar. It does not show the updated cube location. I couldn’t find any similar occurrences online. I uncheck Sequencer, but that didn’t help. Thoughts? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Can you provide a blend file, since that does not happen in my PC it would be useful to have one from you.

Attached is the Blend file, which is the default scene. I now think it is partly a keyboard issue. When I click F12, I don’t get an updated render; however, if I hold the function key and click F12, I do. The Rendering tab still doesn’t show the updated viewport. Should it update automatically to match the viewport? Thanks again!
Sample_Scene.blend (786.8 KB)

So, I think I solved the problem. For whatever reason, I have to use my function key with F12 to update the render. That is probably an issue specific to my computer and/or keyboard. I then realized that the Rendering tab doesn’t update automatically, so I installed a render button (Render Button & Camera Manager For Blender 2.81 [UPDATE 07/01/2020] - v0.3.7) to force it to, which also gives me the option not to open a new window when it does. Thanks!

Yes, I am sure that it’s related to your keyboard shortcuts, cause here the file works perfectly.

Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it!

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you are welcome.

I have problems with the shortcuts using Ubuntu studio. CTRL + ALT + B does not work and shows a small keyboard on the screen.

Hey there good people, i have some problem with render but not the same. When I try to render single frame through render option, my render window just blank, nothing and no errors showing in panel just blank. I tried changing the render engine, tried render select csmera and other option + compositor. But it always blank. And this thing just happend with single project gile others file are okay. I am using blender e cycles 2.93.

Can you send the blend file?

Blend file
this is the file. And thanks in advnaced