F12 Preview completely different from Animation Render (Can't get blur to work)

For some reason my render network blur on the lightning won’t work. I’m still new with nodes :confused: If you hit F12 it will render correctly, however if you render the full animation it will not blur at all. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/12493 I don’t understand why rendering an image and animation gives me two completely different results or how to fix it. Even stranger, while it is rendering you ca see it pop up in the background correctly with the blur applied, however the video file doesn’t use these frames.

(The file should be saved so only the 4th layer is rendering and showing in the scene as this is the one I’m having problems with.)

Edit: Nm, solved. I had it connected to the viewer but not connected to the network. After looking at it so many times I repeatedly kept overlooking that.