F12 render missing textures, particles in wrong postion etc, Ok in preview render


I’ve been teaching myself Blender over the past 6 weeks and I’ve hit a really odd issue I cannot resolve:

My preview render looks absolutely fine, but when I do a final render using F12, some textures looked screwed up, some meshes look odd and the particle systems are in the wrong place. I have tried both GPU and CPU render but they are both the same. I’m using a GTX1060 with 6Gb RAM for GPU and I have an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, I also have 32Gb RAM installed.

I’ve attached images of both an F12 render and a preview render.

Any help greatly appreciated.

F12 render

Preview render

Insufficient info. The screenshots miss out the important details.

Please supply a simplified demo blend file that clearly demonstrates the issue. We don’t want your original file as that most likely includes huge amounts of unnecessary crap. Ensure you pack any required textures in the blend file before saving (File / External Data menu)

Got it sorted, I had backup models disabled in the outliner but they were not disabled for the renderer, I also forgot to reset the scale of objects (alt-A) which affected the particle systems. Coming from Modo the learning curve is steep but I’m getting there.