F12 renders several times

Hi . I am having an issue while rendering. The render will finish and restart again. I checked in the render window options and I am not sure if this is the problem. I have two view layers. I am not sure if that is the issue causing the render starting over again. Do you know if this is the issue and how to get rid of it?

Thank you

I had the same problem last year, with two view layewrs rendering multiple times, and not letting me save the first render. I just started doing anything involving multi-layer renders manually.

Maybe you might find something in the blender manual?

In retrospect, I probably should have read the manual ,and looked for a tutorial, but I didn’t, being swamped at the time.

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I had this issue before on my MacBook Pro, and I believe it to be specific to how Apple implements function keys. In order to use function keys on a Mac, you have to press and hold an Fn modifier key before you can get the function key to perform the task you want it to do in the program you are using - unless that specific function key is mapped to an OS shortcut (I’m looking at you, F11).

What was happening was that I was pressing and holding the Fn key and pressing the F12 key to initiate the render, but it was actually sending two (or more) signals to Blender if the render process hadn’t fully started before I released the Fn key.

I don’t know if Apple or Blender are at fault, but the workaround was pretty simple. I just make sure to hold Fn (or both that and F12, I can’t remember at the moment) an extra long time to be sure the rendering process fully starts before I release it.

If you don’t use a Mac, I’m not sure what to tell you other than to try to initiate rendering from the Render Properties instead of using a keyboard shortcut.

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Thank you, I am using PC. I will try with that and come back.
I can see the render window has a View Layer 1 and View Layer 001 …maybe is that? I am not sure how to erase the 001

Did not work performing the render from the menu will have the same outcome.
Dont you think it has to do with this?

got same problem because of view layers
just delete the extra layers and it should work fine

happy bl

Would you let me know where to go to erase them?

on thread

at top right is a menu for view layers just select the layer you want and click on the x on the right

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