F12 won't update render

I have a simple scene in Cycles that won’t update/re-render when I hit F12 to render.
You’ll notice that the 3D scene is different from the rendered image.
It’s almost as though, the prior image is stuck and cycles won’t kick in to generate a new render.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

File link is below:


composite (cycles).blend (959 KB)

In Render / Post Processing panel disable the Sequence tickbox or remove the movie from the Video Editor

This set the render to be from the Sequencer, not from the Composite nodes.

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Richard, you are awesome. Thank you. That worked.
Having said that, I ran into another problem once I got it to render.
For some reason, the ground plan is creating a horizontal line across the middle of the image.
Must be some sort of a Alpha related issue. It wasn’t there before and I haven’t changed any settings on the composite nodes.
Any ideas on why this is happening during compositing?
Image attached. Thanks.