F18 Fighter Jet

Hello, I have been working on an F18 Fighter Jet based off of the real life McDonell Dougless F/A-18 Harrier and the Harrier in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I still need to add landing gear, the engine in the back and a few .50 cal machine gun’s on the sides. Bare with me, I’m nowhere near as good as the people on this site are, so it’s probably gonna hurt your eyes a bit! lol Texturing isn’t finished either, it’s only about 20% done. I still have to make it look more soft and add some more decals.

Any help/tips are greatly, and I mean GREATLY appreciated!

Here is a little update;


Camo version;


Still haven’t really achieved the ‘realistic’ metal look I want, any advice on how I can do so?

What render engine are you using, if you are using cycles look into downloading the ubershader (if you search blender artists there is a thread to download it) otherwise, start by mixing a diffuse shader with your texture, and a glossy shader with white at .1 percent glossy with a fresnel input fac for the mix shader. Place an HDR image of the sky in the background, and you should be off to a start.

Oh I never thought of rendering my models when showing previews! I usually just show screenshots straight from the 3D Console View, I bet you would get way better results if you rendered it first thank you so much.

So I tried to render my jet just using the regular rendering with a Camera and F12, but my jet just shows up black and there is no texture. How do I make it render with the texture on it? I’ve never done anything with rendering so sorry if that’s a really noob question.


A couple screenshots with just regular screenshots and no rendering;


http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/introduction-to-cycles/, there are slight interface changes now, but this will get you up to speed.Also it looks like you’re in orthoview. Try pressing 5 on your number pad to switch to perspective.