Thank you iceythe.


tool_settings.snap_element is now tool_settings.snap_elements

What line is this?

The Smart Face tool is now available via MACHIN3tools, see

Note, unlike F2, I don’t do any UVs.


Can you fix latest F2 version for 2.8? It is 1.8.4, can be obtained here

The problem is in hardvare of developer - it doesnot runs blender 2.8, so f2 was updated for 2.79 only.

Sure thing. Updated to 1.8.4 https://github.com/K-410/blender-scripts/blob/master/mesh_f2_1_8/mesh_f2.py

I noticed the new default behavior is auto-grab on vertex fill. I thought it was a bug at first, but it can be changed in addon settings :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

F2 was basically designed to be used with autograb, but unfortunately it was submitted at beta stage, before autograb was finished.
So, all this years F2 default was wrong, and most of users even didn’t know how to use it properly.

new f2 version hasn’t auto bridge edge loop…

try… create circle -> enter edit mode -> select all -> shift D -> scale down -> select edge loop exterior and interior -> press f ===> new f2 fill both circles, old one do bridge edge loop, creating a beautiful ring.

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Something is strange, it seems it rolled back to previous version

Sorry about that. I forked version off the official branch and replaced the old file.

Here’s the 1.8.4 version:

hi, thanks, have you tried this?
file is down the post post

We’ve stored both 2.79 and 2.8 versions there

Also, main tread

1D_Inc, what are your opinions on Smartf? Is it suitable to replace f2 addon? The addon name would not change, it would still be f2 but use the Smartf code. I’m really interested in your opinion before making any changes to Blender Official.

SmartF is nice addon, I like some locks from there, but it is hard to say if it is better than F2.
F2 was designed to be truely minimalistic, and even without prefrences it have more flexibility and control.

It’s workflow was tested on very hard topology series.
Entire turbosquid account were made during it’s test.

SmartF may look more advanced at first, but for practical purposes it’s too dry and overloaded.
To prove workflow compartibility such addons usually are tested on something like this.

A lot of concepts tried to get same flexibility rate and speed, but even Retopoflow, which I bought several times to support it’s developmend, failed to make such things easier.

Be careful about such concepts, all of them are looking cool before hard test.


looks like 1.8.4 is a little behind with some of my changes
I made a pull request for that branch(Cfyzzz) from https://github.com/niewinny/Other-scripts.git
that will fix all problems with extended option (tris drawing)

It would be cool to have dedicated git repo for F2( with ‘F2/ __ init __ .py’ path) since it looks like everyone is using its own right now. That way it would be easier to help with development.


Thought this was dead at first


But this appears to be already in 2.81

(For anyone wondering)

Just wondering Have you tried Quad Remesher add-on for retopology of such a complex object ?.

I think this will be a good test for the addon and a big time saver for the modeler if the addon can handle this.

The problem of such remeshers is that they are suitable for regular geometry and topology.
F2 was designed for flexible sketching variable density topology models, an effectivepoly - where all details are represented topologically.
I planned to buy it later.

Yes, thanks to Meta-Androcto, we’ve got latest version of F2)

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