(1D_Inc) #61

Yeah, PLyczkowski, I know about F-G keys, and thinking about this every time I making retopology.
There were 3 months of daily testing of workflow compartibility, and AutoGrab were my the very first proposal to Bartius =)
There were also a lot of other different proposals, but during testing I’ve cancelle them all, because it were not clean or compliant, or simple in realisation enough.

For example, F - G keys are much closer, than F - ESC for modeling feature, when you totally not needed to be vertex grabbed exactly after creating.
That means, that it should be as an AutoGrab MODE, that conflicts with default Fkey functionality, which never had any modes, so it makes troubles for implementing F2 into the core.

This way we has got the Clean Base, that was stable, suitable for any modeling style and ready for integration.
So we’ve decided to left this feature untouched even in public release :wink:

But, anyway, we will be able to implement any modifications as an AutoGrab mode later, as patch or override script =)

(1D_Inc) #62

The only one proposal left - it’s to make new vertex current. For Shift+V (vertex slide) action executing immediately after creating ability…

(kakachiex2) #63

1D_Inc, Crouch

  • thanks for this excellent tools and all your effort the only request i have is make the addon generate streep of polygon wen selecting multiple vertex like the Quadder addons you can see in this video.

(kakachiex2) #64

you can achieve the same whit [ rotate edge cw+relax addons ] , but this is more faster

(kakachiex2) #65

here is a metod that work in blender to

Here you can find all those topology technique IN Wings3d but work equal in blender

(Xarbrough) #66

Very helpful addon! I use it all the time now.

(1D_Inc) #67

Wow, such a nice videos!
Thank you!!

I guess, that there will be retopoLogical computer games soon… and then games just about creating games.
At least there are a lot of videos about making videos already.

(CoDEmanX) #68

More obvious case:

(1D_Inc) #69

Well, I don’t know how this system can be applied to non-square fragments =)

Second part of retopo video. Nothing special, but let it be there… (about x8 speed)

And onsurface modeling sample (x4)

(Italic) #70

Hey there, Bartius! I’ve been liking the script so far, and I was wondering if you’d be all right with me including it in the addons_extern repository maintained by meta-androcto, myself and a few others. The current repo can be found on github. If you have any objection, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I will not include it until I have explicit permission.

(Meta-Androcto) #71

hi Crouch,
approved for release!
you can move to release addons when your ready.

(Crouch) #72

Thanks for posting the very nice videos. I really think Blender’s modelling tools can use some love and I’m glad I’m able to help a bit.

Italic_: that is fine. The add-on has been released under a GPL license, so as long as that is respected I’m fine with it being included in any repository.

Meta-Androcto: great news. I’ve moved it to trunk just now. For the people who are not familiar with Blender’s organisation structure: this means that the add-on is now included in official builds of Blender by default. So it will be available in Blender 2.66.

(Italic) #73

Looks like there’s no need to include it with addons_extern if it’s in release. Congrats, Crouch!

(BrikBot) #74

I disappear for a semester and this happens . . . man I love the Blender community. Marvelous work!

(nirenyang) #75

If F2 can Auto Active the next point, That’s will be more Powerful!
Thanks !!!

(rrtk) #76

You can achieve something similar by setting confirm to release under transform menu. So you would be able to move that verts right after just by holding right button and then releasing it where You want (Keep in mind that i am using LMB for actions, but should work fine with standard RMB)

(1D_Inc) #77

Here is it!
I were searching for confirm setup just yesterday! Thanks! =))
Btw, what tweak translate does?

(rrtk) #78

Tweak is for mouse movement, basically it allow You to just grab vert and drop it where you want skipping the G button. It works perfectly since i use LMB for actions, may not be so nice for standard RMB

(1D_Inc) #79

F2 (stripes) static photo modeling

(dank0) #80

very nice clean modeling style. it s pleasure to watch it :wink: