F3D Cross platform 3D file viewer



F3D, the fast and minimalist 3D viewer got version 1.2.1 !

It’s a versatile, small, cross platform and open-source (BSD) renderer for many 3D file formats (STL, glTF, step, ply, obj, 3ds, fbx, vt*):

It has a wide range of features: raytracing, volume rendering, sprites, camera positioning, color map, HDR textures, post fx options, coloring, animations.


  • STEP and IGES files support
  • FBX, DXF, DAE, OFF files support
  • Thumbnails integration in Windows and Linux
  • Desktop integration in Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Scalars looping
  • .deb package

Find the release here: https://github.com/f3d-app/f3d/releases

Disclaimer: I am a F3D dev.


Hello. Is it possible to make the stl preview of the top direction have +Z? All my models are lying on their side :frowning:

f3d --up=+Z :slight_smile:

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I was referring to the preview in windows explorer

My bad, are you using Windows ?

Yes. Here is the explorer window. The preview of the obj file is fine, but the stl is lying on its side.

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I’m afraid there is nothing you can do on Windows. The orientation of the thumbnails are hardcoded. We have an issue to improve that:

You can also modified the source code if you are a programmer :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will be waiting for updates.
A very good and necessary program.

Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer.

Does the program support bone only fbx animations ?
So that we can see the bone animation even if there are no mesh in the file.

Hi @anon62435837 ,

I’m afraid it is not supported YET.
There is an issue for it though: https://github.com/f3d-app/f3d/issues/56
Feel free to comment on it.

It’s ok, it takes a lot of effort and time to make something streamline and simple [art of sophistication], it is what it is :slight_smile:
Maybe someday it will have that capability and I will be able to use it to browse through my motion capture library easily.
Pressing Page up and Page down on my keyboard and it just go to the next file showing the bone only animation without having to go back to explorer, double click to see it.

F3D 1.3 is out ! Fast and minimalist opensource 3D viewer now with a C++/Python API !

We got lots of bug fixes and a few more features, including:

  • Support for Alembic format (.abc)
  • --font-file option

But the main new feature is the alpha release of the libf3d, included in F3D.
This is a simple yet powerfull API to render and visualize 3D meshes.
C++ based, with python bindings.
Do not hesitate to give it a go, we will improve and stabilize it in the next versions.

Cant post a github link for some reason, but you will find the link on the first post :slight_smile:


Thanks for the .abc support. There seems to be an issue with the reader. It does not seem to read the world coordinates of the individual objects. This export works properly in other DCCs.

This Alembic export is showing like below

Test file

temp.zip (20.1 KB)

Definitely looks like a bug. Could you open an issue ? [find a link above, I cant post again the repo url]

I’ll make sure it reaches the dev that worked on the alembic reader, thanks !

F3D v2.0.0 is out! Fast and minimalist opensource 3D viewer now with plugins support.

It supports many file formats, from digital content to scientific datasets (including glTF, STL, STEP, PLY, OBJ, FBX, Alembic), can show animations and support thumbnails and many rendering and texturing options including real time physically based rendering and raytracing.

New main features are plugins support (read you own custom or proprietary formats) and raytracing support in the binary packages.

Let me know if you find issues or have any feedback !

Atheistic Easter Egg by Inferix under CC-BY 4.0

Industrial Sunset 02 (Pure Sky) by Jarod Guest and Sergej Majboroda under CC0.

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Is there easy way to add default hdri to viewer? Default lighting is very dark / flat and I couldn’t figure out how to add hdri with launch argument on shortcut… I kept getting path errors, even after moving hdri into f3d folder :sweat_smile:

2.3.0 is out. This app now supports USD and VDB which is great for the Blender user.

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