F4 Phantom WIP

That’s incredible, thanks for sharing!

Some updates…

Texturing, stencils, weathering and ordnance. Still not done with the texturing, but getting closer.


Outstanding work!

Great job!

Hope you made more tuto on Youtube!

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This is such beautiful work. I admire and applaud you good sir!

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This is fabulous! One of my favourite fighters of all time. I built several kits of it from 1/144th to 1/32nd scale. I was at one time considering a 1/144th scale aircraft carrier but I have nowhere to put it.

If you want more information about the F-4 fine details you can view this YouTube video and do some screen captures. It’s a 4k video so there is lots of detail. The link: F-4E Walkaround video

Oh, and although the camera work is shaky pausing the video reveals lots of details. The camera and lens are so good there is a ton of detail in most frames even if the video is too unsteady to see the detail when it is running.

That is a good quality video. I can’t believe I didn’t find it while doing my research.

Just saw this Mark, that is one sweet rendition of the F4. If I didn’t know better, aka showing up on a 3D forum I would’ve thought I was looking at some real shots. The weathering is perfect! - Rich

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You edited you first posts (both) and because of notifications now i see:
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I updated the hash tags for the year-end contest. I had no idea it would re-post the threads. That wasn’t my intent.

Nevermind… but me stupid didn’t recognize you did both… so i like (and liked :heart: ) it double times because the obsession of detail in both totally different models are awseome :star_struck:.

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This is HOT!! Awesome work!

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Excellent work!


Hello Mark,

this is an outstanding work! May I ask you something about it? I do not know who to get am PM send to you, maybe you can contact me? Thank you! Dom

I sent you a PM

Polished job so far :+1:

Textured in photoshop or substance painter? though either way looks pretty darn good.

If this is still a wip?! then I’d suggest slightly more time on the wear pass however that’s just me being nitpicky.

Otherwise only out of interest as a fellow hard surface adherent :slightly_smiling_face: is there any chance seeing a couple of wireframe shots?


Texturing was done in Substance Painter. I think I’m done with this WIP. I know these planes could get really dirty, particularly underneath, but I didn’t want to go too crazy. Thanks for the comment.



Definitely some hard core topology right there, actually didn’t occur to me that each panel was individually generated as a separate shape / object :flushed: although makes overall sense due to it’s obviously high resolution.

Again nicely done.

And man! they did carry a ‘truck’ load of ordnance.


This is so cool!