f6 after loop cut dosent work in blender .

if u make a loop cut ctrl+r and hit f6 "properties panel " to controling with your cuts number for example , you cant itis just an information for cutting process this on xp i dont know about other operating sys .

I have 2.58 running on XP. Hitting F6 does bring up dialog box to adjust the cut, but all the fields are grayed out. I can’t change any value.

yes this what i mean why ?

I guess just ctrl-z and try again, looks like a bug but not too big of a deal. Feel free to file a bug report.

Edit, but I’m guessing it has to do with placement of the loop, if you click off center you can’t make multiple cuts anyway, so the F6 operator is kind of useless in that situation. If you want more cuts just undo and try again.