F6F Hellcat

I have started yet again another project…an F6F Hellcat from WW2. As you can see the modelling is progressing niceley.

The hardest part so far has been with the cockpit…I want this plane to look real so I want there to be a hole and the cockpit to rest ontop of it…but when I go to do this I end up with some really wierd results. So if you guys could just fill me in on how you guys would accomplish this task that would be great.

Also, my tires are alright for stand-ins but they suck, I can’t seem to get away from the boxy look even with subsurf at 6. Does anyone know a good tire tut? Also does anyone know a good knife tut. Please let me know.


just wondering, how did you get that boxy look? Why don’t you start modeling your tires with a circle and with just couple of extrusions you get a nice looking tires.

The boxy look comes from the placement of your verts. If the verts look funny, the plane will.

Thanks for the c&c guys…I was actually using a plane…that is why it is so screwed up…I just got in a habit of using them for modelling. Circles…duh :rolleyes:

Still I need a good tut on the knife tool if anyone knows of any…thanks guys. Also if anyone has a good materials list somewhere that would be great.


As you can see the metal is more like a car than a plane. Anyways, I seem to be having a problem with shadows…there should be a shadow beneath the plane and there isn’t. Also how do I delete materials that I have created.


Nice start, love that plane. There are a couple places that could be causing your lack of shadows, and probably some that I don’t know about. The biggest suspect is your lighting setup. Are your lamps set to ray traced shadows or buffered? If you choose ray traced, make sure the [ray] button is pressed in the render menu. The surface under the craft may not be set to recieve shadows in the materials menu. Here are links to a couple material libraries for blender.

I think that if a material is not in use by any of the objects, it will be deleted if you save, close, then re-open the blend. Not sure on that, but good luck with your project.

Alright I have added the materials. Areas that I need help with:

  1. The windshield and windows need major fixing if anyone has crits for that that would be great.

  2. The asphalt looks awful

  3. I would like to add a plane number, and an icon on the side of the plane…do I just do this by UV Mapping? If anyone can share how they UV map…because when I export the main body it is a giant circle and it is hard to paint in a circle and get it right. If anyone has any tips, please help.

C&C very welcome!

I would greatly appreciate your help guys…mainly with UV Mapping and texturing…if anyone has any tips.


Alright here is my latest render…I know it’s kinda dark but I haven’t come up with a good idea for the environment. I also am going to learn (somehow) how do texturing and UV mapping better than I know now. I want to add hit counts to the side and a cool WW2 ensignia to the side of the plane. Well please give C&C!


Another update - I hope that it is brighter on your guys’ end. Anyways… here are the scrnshots. Click on the image…it is BRIGHTER when it is LARGER!

The second shot is of what I want to accomplish…I want to texture the areas with white paint on top…and the stripes on the wings were quickly added in PS. If you guys can help me out…please!!!

You can easily add textures by UV’s or if you don’t want to use UV texturing you can add stripes and such by adding new texture image, instead of repeat put clip, in map input put object: empty and that’s it! play with it and you’ll get what you want