(rixtr66) #1

this is almost done,this is the final for the car! the scene is almost complete,still have to adjust lighting etc.
http://rixter66.freeservers.com/images/gt21.jpg (cut and paste)
last post for awhile,have to take a break from this.
comments are appreciated.



(blengine) #2

very nice! that texturing really made the pic come alive! lovely angle too =D

(dotblend) #3

horribly cool!!!


(fullback) #4

That is really nice rixtr. Really nice.

You should try one with motion blur. Wheels spinning at warp speed, guardrail and pavement flying past. That kind of thing.

(Ecks) #5

I liked this texture alot more than the other. It make it more realistic! When will we see an animation of it? :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #6

Great work!

(Pooba) #7

Nice car! It looks finished to me!


(pofo) #8

Ooooh! Great job!

sky looks turned the wrong way, unless this is a steep slope.

  1. pofo

(sten) #9

Great artwork !!! :o

(BgDM) #10

I bow to your superior car modeling abilities. That is one awesome piece of work there rixtr66.

I actually liked the previous paint scheme, but hey, this one works as well.


(dickie) #11

that’s so impressive!
i love it!

(LohnS) #12


(wavk) #13

WOW! Great modeling! Real mastahpeace. I tink the car’s finished, though the scene bothers me a bit. I think it’s the wrong angles of the rail and the sky.

Have fun,