Fabric Engine A tool for building tools

when I saw what this platform is able to develop Applications that amazed me, and I asked myself, what type of platform used Blender Foundation for develop blender, what would be the benefits of using this system to develop blender it will accelerate the development process what you people think…

  • will be feasible to purchase multiple licenses for the Foundation through donation system
  • what would be the benefits of acquiring this development platform
  • I wish some developer investigate about it
    For more info here : http://fabricengine.com/
    you can see all videos here: http://vimeo.com/user6371427/videos
    Promotional video


I know modo is developer under NEXUS development system.

Interesting, they use the Sublime Text 2 in their video when describing their “cross platform development”. Seriously? They have some scripts for a text editor you’d have to buy separately? That’s honesty in advertising… not.

It has nothing to do with Sublime, they just happened to use Sublime to show what code using Creation Platform looks like.

As for using in with Blender: You can’t just use proprietary software frameworks with libre software like Blender, according to the GPL.