Facade modelling (new building)

Was just messing around with modelling some facades after seeing BbB’s latest work. :slight_smile: I also added a new building at the end, its been placed in a scene I’m working on (rendered in vray). :smiley:

Here’s the wires if anyone cares. link new wires: link
And the wires for the new building: link
Please comment/critique.

Wow man. Especially love the last render. Is this all BI? Also how’d you do your ripples in the water? Can’t wait to see more!

Yeah it is all BI, just physical sky sun, and some blurry reflections on everything (some sharp, but the building and ground are also reflective, as nothing is entirely diffuse) The ripples are just a proceedral cloud map w/ normal on :slight_smile:

Looks really great! I was inspired by that post to but never got a project started.

However, the corners and the roof of your building are wrong. There should be some more wall in the corners and the roof should be hanging out above the facade. The photo of a facade below should give you an idea of what I mean.


Keep it up
/ Mats

The corner pieces look so much like a plain CG diffuse material compared to the rest of the building.

Do you really need the building with reflection? I don’t notice any extra realism and would’ve just increased render times.

Looks good, just needs a bit of environment added.

The detail around the roof really does look squashed, the bricks look like they step out enough but maybe where the detail finishes just under the capping stone needs to overhang more and the quions to the corners would stop beneath the roof capping stone I would imagine but again maybe it’s a regional thing in architectural style that is.

The brickwork in the first image seems to have too much bump and the whole thing to shiny but the brickwork to the other images look slightly too smooth but about the right diffuse, the mortar coarse’s don’t look pronounced enough though.

Apart from other comments, it’s clear the brick texture repeats and the plaques beneath the ground floor windows need a bit of attention too I think unless that’s just BI. But it’s only a test so no big deal.

Although it’s still clear the renders are BI, surprised it seems to be getting better.

Have you tried it with Yafaray?

The wires don’t say a lot, maybe edges in edit mode, solid on would say more.

Looking good.:slight_smile:

Cool, looks great but has some shadow errors from the original maps (around windows the shadow cast is from wrong direction). Looked at the wire but don’t see quad mesh, is this all made from curves?
Some bevel would work wonders.

Mats: I agree The top is a bit off, I didn’t spend much time on that cause I was lazy :frowning:

CD: Yes I agree the corner pieces look a bit off, the reflections did help though, especially on the second one in the shadow you can see the sky being slightly reflected.

Yellow: I agree as I said with Mats I didn’t spend much time on it and it could certainly be worked on. The bump also could have been better, too much in the first, and too little in the second two. Yes it is fairly evident that the texture repeats, but I made this to use in the background of another project so I figured it was subtle enough to use. I’m not quite sure what you mean about the plaques, maybe clarify so I understand…I always try to push the most out of BI, and I haven’t really used yafray much, I don’t like that the screen stays black while its rendering, I know there’s a way to see it while its rendering but I don’t remember how :frowning: I updated the first post with new wires.

David McSween: Yes there are some errors in the shadows, though mostly from my laziness in modeling rather than the actual texture. Its not curves, I added some new wires in the first post if you want to see the actual mesh. I agree about the bevel, unfortunately it was increasing the poly count insanely.

I also added a new render of another building I did, rendered in vray.


Ok, so these are tests but you’re going to the effort of modeling and texturing then it would be good to put them in a proper formulated scene and then test further maybe heading for a finished project?

I don’t get the last render whether it’s VRay or ‘AnotherRay’ the camera position is not so good. If you don’t have an interior scene then a clean empty room with white walls and a wood floor and a modeled window frame with a number of buildings in the background would look far better, the building is too isolated at the moment, would look better with a row of buildings, like a street scene, and the trees (last possible addition to a scene and then comp’d), there not doing anything for the scene as it stands imho.

Have you got a full scene brewing after these tests, looking forward to it?

Yellow: I am working on an entire interior project and I’m using these as ‘props’ for outside the window. That render is from behind a couch, there’s some stuff in the room, I’m working on some more buildings for outside and I’ll show them to you guys later, but the rest of the house is for later :wink:
And I am planning to add more buildings to the scene, so that it looks like its in the middle of a city.