face and body modelisation, open GL


I need your help about face and body modelisation, i wanna where can i find tutorials or didacticiels about the modelisation of face and body, if you can send a adresse or files about it, it’s will help me. Same thing about Open GL i wanna what exactly can i do with that.


1 - http://www.google.com/search?q=face+body+modelling+tutorials&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8… there’s soo many around waiting to be picked. my favourite for starting:

2 - OpenGL is a bunch of libraries (or, more precise, an API - application programming interface) that can be used by programmers to produce 3D-scenes/images. that is, if you need a triangle in 3D space, you simply say “i want a triangle at that postion with that color etc…” and openGL takes care ofthe rest. you don’t need to care about how it’s actually drawn, and the commands involved are the same on every platform. on most platforms, OpenGL can also be hardware-accelerated. have a look at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ and http://www.opengl.org/