Face and expressions

I want to render images of my model in different situations in a 3d scene. The model will have didderent expressions on his face, so how should I arrange the moving of the groups of vertexes on the face so that I can easily move the muscles and jaw and return back to the basic expression when I want to?

[quote=“tutana”] “The model will have didderent expressions on his face”

Sorry, that was “different”, not “didderent”.

Version 2.40 will have Shapes (that replace RVK’s) and IPO Drivers which make facial expressions easier than in earlier versions. See this .blend:


It will only work with one of the test builds (like 2.40alpha2). Select the little circles inside the rectangles either alone or in groups and move them around to see how they work.

If that doesn’t float your boat you can look in the Python and Plugins forum for the Lipsynch script by Dienben.


Man just tried it and it’s badass! :smiley: I seriously can’t wait till it comes out! 8)

Just about everything I’ve been asking on the forums is said to work on the upcoming 2.40 so it must be good. Do I have to uninstall 2.37a first if I want to try 2.40 alpha?

no just download it and you can install it whereever (as long as you don’t put it in the same folder as 2.37a with the same name…)