Face Angle, how to disable rounding


I noticed the face angle reading is rounded up to only 1 decimal where edge length has 3 decimals and face area has a whopping 4 decimals. See pic:

I’m doing this Rab3D precision modeling tutorial and theres a part where you need to input a spin angle with 3 decimal accuracy. To find out the right angle you have to check it with the face angle button. Using the rounded up value (92.4) gives a bad spin. Must be 92.376.
Its about halfway down that page on the right side. Blender 2.49b didn’t have rounding of face angle values as you can see from the tutorial pic. How to disable this rounding?


Just thought you should know this has been fixed, in the latest Blender 2.63 svn builds (any build after 46471). Which you can get from:


or you can goto:


Ok, thanks. Nice to know. I never follow those builds normally.

I tried blender-2.63-r46535-win64. This one seems to have the angle stuck to 60.000 on all corners. Doesn’t change if I move verts around. :confused:

I guess 60 is the new 90? :confused:


Just checked and 46475 seems to work, but after that I get the 60 degrees issue as well, will report.

I can’t seem to find builds that old anymore. http://builder.blender.org/one_line_per_build seems to show only 20 latest. I’m a noob with this daily build stuff though. Is there an archive of every single one of them?

46569 still 60.000 on corners.


Try graphicall.org

That has many Blender builds but if it does It probably not going to be long before the angle issue is fixed and pushed into newer builds.

46679 and still 60.000. Looks like low priority issue… :frowning:

Yes, though the bug hasn’t been closed though so it looks like it will be fixed. They are really busy with other stuff in Blender at the moment (from looking at the svn logs), so it could just be they are working through the other stufff first.

Hi all,

The stuck Face Angle issue has now been fixed in Blender SvN build at or after 46702.

Hopefully it won’t get broken again :slight_smile:


Looks like it will work in 46702. Now we just wait for this build to come for Win x64 I quess?

Kalevispetke, yes just keep an eye on www.graphicall.org, someone’s bound to put a build up that will work. I build from source so I have it running now since I reported that bug link, as Terry Wallwork is my “realworld”.

Ok, I finally got a working build from graphicall. Looks like it has different builds than the buildbot site.

Now it seems odd though that angle value is showing 3 zeroes. “.000”
The other values, edge length and area show multiple decimals only when there is a number there, they don’t show the zeroes…