Face builder for face masks


We are looking for people who can use face builder to create accurate facial models from 5-6 photographs to then build a light 3D printed medical mask “frame” into which we fiit a highly compact pleated paper filter . The mask lasts for years and the filters are disposable. We need the facial profile exported to Solid Works where we design the mask to accept the filter shape and the facial contour shape that matches the face. We need a way of scaling so the Solidworks model is dimensionally accurate while the face builder file is proportionally accurate. We think if we take photos with a measurement tape on the forhead of the subject and retain this when transferred to Solidworks we will be able to scale the Solidworks file to be dimensionally correct.
First job is face build a accurate proportional model of the face with dimension strip.
Next job export to Solidworks
Next create the seal then attach the filters then the shell of the mask
We have a more detailed description of the total concept if you want
Email [email protected] If interested in helping with this. I am located in Thailand

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