face controller and rig

Hi I am trying to follow a tutorial from David Ward and his Tim Burton character to create a face rig which I want to later join to my rigify rig.

But unfortunately for the life of me i cant figure out where I am going wrong. The attached blend file may help someone figure it out for me, but all the elements seem to be there and in the right places (although not professional) its only for a little project I do for my grandsons benefit. but the shapes are not moving the shape keys once I have added the drivers on the shape keys.

Could anyone help me out please or at least tell me where i am going wrong.

Many thanks

You tube vid im following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jto3RZQ88tY&list=PL3hf6n0a9MjPRUCCKAUrXP98kbCcEcG-u&index=16


You have done all well just go further.
Just add drivers to your shapekeys and add custome shapes to your driver bones.

already done that but the custom shapes dont move the shape keys as it should when i have done the drivers and when i link the shape to the faceRIG bone i created the shape disappears …mmm

Ill have to watch the videos more carefully see where I am going wrong.

Thanks anyway

Pretty good work so far, haven’t watched the video but there are a few issues with the setup.
0) There are no drivers on the Character.Head mesh. Perhaps you deleted them on this blend because they weren’t working?

  1. The armature has an object scale of like .3 and an odd origin. Apply the scale (Ctrl a)
  2. The shapes have 90 rotaions (ctrl a rotation)
  3. The charactre object needs its location applied (ctrl a)

If you’re still having problems, post back.