Face Creation Demo

Here is a little face creation thing I made up while my internet was offline yesterday 8) I didn’t do it with any python (again :stuck_out_tongue: ).If you examine the logic bricks on the armatures, you’ll see how easy it is, even though it looks complicated.


If someone were to make a python script that would save the property number on the armatures (I beleive someone did with the healthscene file) between scene, it would be very useful.Advantage, more varity in faces, and more of the players infulence.Disadvantage, the bones are costly on the characters face, you don’t want too much in one scene otherwise, it would slow down the FPS beyond play.

EDIT: Also you can you this technique for height of the entire body, fat, or thin ect.

Cool idea. If you can find a python script that could save the deformation of the face as a new mesh then maybe it could be used in a “Create a Character” type thing.

You wouldn’t need to save the deformation of the faces, if you checked the logic you would see the bones are affected from the armatures properties, so you would only need to save the properties to a new scene, actually I think saving properties numbers to a new scene would be easier then saving the deformation of the faces.

Yeah this is really good but just make that you can rotate the head so you can see how the face looks from the profile i think you can do that with out python.Other then that nice idea :smiley: .

Yeah but as you said before, the armatures might cause some lag issues. I suggested saving the deformation as a way to cut down on lag and remove the need for armatures.

Woops, I forgot to post that you could rotate the head %| use the keys 4 and 6 on the numpad to rotate the head.

Hmmm, ok that would be a good idea then :slight_smile:

Screens please.

Well, I didn’t make this for eye candy, its more to show how I did it, and how it could be implanted into other blender games.

But here’s a screenshot anyway :wink:


Hehe really nice way of customizing your characters. I think with python you can add even more functions to customize it, like color and even hats beard and lot more.

Keep going, I like such experimental game files. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you can change colour with ipos, I think that’ll only be good for hair though because the head im using needs to be specially vertex painted and the ipo colors will completly ignored the vertex painted.Although I’m a horrible modeler of hair, so I left him bald, I could have had a hair style changer too :slight_smile:

As for facial hair, I think it would easily be done, I just never thought of that 8)