Face creation problem !!!Very Urgent!!

Sorry for posting it in the WIP section,I need a really quick answer for this,because I cannot contiue modelling because of this problem:I need to create quads to fill in the gap,but I have no idea how would it be right.

Huge thanks in advance!



You have to go in Edit mode, work in vertices, select the 3 or 4 vertices you want then hit F

When I have to create vertices in empty space I simply create a triangle using F then split an edge to get my fourth vertex

Thanks,but the main problem is that this is an organic model,and I need correct topology for sculpting(only quads)(sorry not writing my problem clearly).So if anyone knows how to fill the gap while keeping a fairly good topology,please draw it in paint or write how to do it.Thanks!

OK,the problem is solved.

just to inform you, topology isnt always about having only quads. your topology on that is messed up…

Yeah,it is pretty messed up,but that area isn’t going to deform too much(it is on the middle of the forearm),and I had to do these ‘subdivisions’ because the hands have more edgeloops than the arms on the model,once I finish it,I will se how it deforms,and if it is bad,I will do a retopo or figure out something else.