Face Culling not working on fullscreen (2.49RC)

Well, I’m very impressed with the face culling feature but I this doesn’t seems to work in fullscreen, let me explain you with some images & a file:

This is a scene in window mode (with other layout arround the main screen):


as you can see the framerate is 37 FPS, now I’m going to move the ball partially outside the camera:


As you can see now the framerate has been improved from 37 FPS to 54 FPS, and it gets 60 FPS when it’s completly out of the camera, so now let’s begin with the problem, this workarround is working fine, BUT… in fullscreen mode (shift + spacebar) this is no longer working… so when my ball is partially out of camera remains with the sames 37 FPS, and just improves the framerates once the ball is FAR from camera, so it’s not working as in windows mode, check:


P.S: I tried several versions from Graphicall.org and non of them as solved this problem.

You can get almost the same screen space by just moving the buttons window as low as it can go, plus is perfectly aligns with the camera edges that way if you’re using a standard resolution like 1024x768.

You’re better off PM’ing Ben or Campbell or posting it in the bug tracker, don’t forget your system specs. in case they need it.

please submit a bug report with an example blend file,
also posting links to this in other threads is not appreciated when its not directly related to the topic.
if you find a bug, report it in the tracker and the relevant people will be notified.

I don’t know how to do this, so if someone can post this bug I will really apreciated, I’ll try to uplaod the test file as soon as I can.

Just to know I did just a little testing with full screen and windowed mode in a real game situation and with my games it has a very negligable difference, in other words I couldn’t really find a noticable difference, at least to the extent seen in those screens, I don’t even think I even had a 2 FPS difference in a game where the FPS really does slow down.

Though I do have an 8800GT which came with my current computer, the speed shown here looks like it’s being run with Intel intergrated graphics.

Blender.org -> development -> report a bug (read the instructions) -> bug tracker, create an account and start reporting.

Or if you upload a blend I can report it for you.

Here are some instructions, from the OP it looks like it meets the requirements.

Bug report guidelines. Please add .blend files!

  1. Verify it’s a bug
  • is it something that is supposed and intended to work? (e.g. not a feature request)
  • can you repeat it consistantly?
  • check all steps you did to get the bug, can steps be omitted?
  • always verify it with the previous & official release of Blender
  • if possible, check on another computer

OK, here’s the file, test yourself please:


I need to move the whole object well outside of the camera before anything happens to the profiler, even in windowed mode.

for me in that scene I get a good performance with half of the object or more outside the camera, but this doesn’t work in fullscreen, anyone else to try?

And since it is graphics related:
what is your graphics card? I’ve got an AIT.

I have an Nvidia 6500, I’m already reported as you said, I don’t know if it’s in the right place: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=18718&group_id=9&atid=125

By looking at the messages at the bottom it looks like at least ideasman found it, so it can’t be too wrong :stuck_out_tongue: