Face Cutter - tool for cutting face

Not yet. In fact I received this suggestion from other users too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I will consider it in future.


This would be a huge timesaver Kushiro!
As said, no need to be hyper precise, most of us need just optical precision, single value, not extended :grin:


Face Cutter Version 1.5.0

This is a major update :

  • Now you can press T key to cut and break the solid mesh into pieces.
    You can also press Shift + T key to cut-break for limited geometries only.

I do see that many people ask what do I mean by my request for an ‘explode’ command. I am putting below an explanatory image from Wings 3D (it has such a command).

Now that we have the way to cut an object in chunks (to ‘slice’ it if you prefer) it would be great to have an ‘explode’ comand too.


Hi Kushiro, thank you for this great add-on! I’m going to get it soon, but I just wanted to 2nd ByteC’s suggestion about width setting between two or more snap points, and Fatesailor’s suggestion re: expanding out mesh pieces above.

I was thinking how to efficiently implement the ideas yesterday, and I typed a long-winded reply to you but deleted it because I didn’t want to bore you haha! But here’s my thoughts in case you’re interested…:

    1. Press the R key (i.e. “Readjust Distance”, or maybe the Y key instead (looks like expanding fingers :v:?))
    1. Click select two or more snap points
    1. Then press number keys to directly input the distance in millimeters between these snap points (and/or scroll with the mouse wheel?)

For the “explode” idea you could use the same R key (or Y key) like this maybe…:

    1. After T to cut-break a mesh into mesh pieces
    1. (Optional → select mesh piece/s (make the center of the original mesh selected by default).) Press R/Y key.
    1. Input the distance to expand the mesh pieces away

I hope you like the idea! No worries if you don’t like it, and thanks again :+1:

EDIT - Extra idea for the explode command:

  • Press Shift + R to explode the mesh-pieces at varying distances!?