face for a bezier curve

i’ve folowed a tutorial for making a logo. but I can’t get the faces on my curve…

of course I can make the faces by seloecting 4 points and pressing F but it’ll be a bit to long (many poinst ) is there a fast way to ad faces ?

You can’t add faces to a bezier curve, you have to use either a curve or a circle.

Your Béziers are intersecting/overlapping and that is what’s causing the problem. Move one of them so that they don’t intersect and they both should turn solid. :slight_smile:

thanks, I remade it with a circle, it works.
But I have an other question : how do you close a bezier curve ? If I select the to end points I want to merge, I don’t get the merge button when I press W, and I don’t get the remouv doubles button either.
Mabe it’s not possible ? mabe you have to select bezier circle if you want to be able to close it ?

Curves and polys are different animals, most of the editing methods aren’t the same.

Press C to close a curve.

Does anyone know if you can convert a biezercurve (or nurbs curve) to a simple polygon edge with a certain number of vertices defined by you???


Thanks Egg!! [!]