face like this

Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible in Blender to create and animate a face like the one in this tutorial :


Sorry in advance, if there is already a thread or a tutorial on the subject, I just didn’t know where to look so any suggestions would be great thanks.

Sorry, your link doesn’t work for me. Probably because it’s a “premium content” link and I’m not a CA subscriber.

Just right-click on the pdf link and choose save link target as. You will still have the tutorial.

So anyone have an idea ?

Yes blender can do this – pretty simple stuff actually. You will need to learn basic animation using an armature. see the following link:


You will also have to learn how to animate textures. Wait for this until you have finished the above tutorial.


Thanks for the response there Greybeard, I’ve already gone through this tutorial(Great one btw), it’s the animating textures part I would like to learn more about. Thanks for the response.