Face limit in game engine

First, I will say that while I know quite a bit about Blender, I am new to the game engine.
I am trying to make a walkthrough house for a friend. I decided that it would be neat if you could walk outside, so I grabbed a DEM of the area. I did the triangles to quads script to reduce the face count from about 80,000 to 40,000. However, when I ran it in the game engine, I noticed two weird things. First, I had to have the normals facing AWAY from the camera for the faces to be rendered (i.e. not transparent). Second, I noticed that the camera falls right through the mesh; there was no colission detection. I tried separating a small part of the larger mesh into a separate mesh. When I did this, the colission detection worked properly, but I still had to have the normals facing the wrong way for the faces to render. Am I having these problems due to some limit to Blender’s colission calculations?
One more thing: I am using the blender walkthrought templet.
Thanks in advance for any help.

It should be that the only face limit would be by how many faces the engine can render on your system. Have you tried Bullet. You may need some extra setup to keep the camera from rolling.

I’m using Sumo and I don’t have any problems with the collision. Even when the normals are facing away from the camera, it still didn’t fall through the floor. If you set the faces to “Two-sided” then you wouldn’t have the problem with the faces rendering. Second, are you sure the faces have collision enabled?

This is just me being cringy at the polycount. But 40k sounds like a lot O_O

You might want to relying more on textures for details rather than polygons, it’d probably be faster that way.

But that’s just me :slight_smile:

Well, I decimated the mesh down to 8.000 faces. And, yes, I turned on two-sided, so my problems are sort of fixes. I still have to have the normals faceing away from the camera.

I’ve Athlon 64 4400 (2x2.2Ghz) with Geforce7800GTX and circa 50 objects, all together 30.000 faces, every object with shaders applied works very very smooth at 40fps. It takes some time to start but then it works nicely. Haven’t tested yet with more faces!

new statistics: 63 times suzanne, the scene has ~37.000 Faces works with lightening relatively smooth with 14fps on 2.6ghz 512mb RAM GeForce 4 488 Go!