Face loop cut tool keeps failing

Instead of being able to select a loop and choose where to cut it, I am now bestowed with the magical ability to select an edge and choose where to subdivide it ! This happens when I save, close and reopen my current .blend - so far with only one file as I’m only working with one file.

If I seperate parts of the mesh, the face loop cut works correctly on the seperated bits and sometimes with the original mesh as well. If I join the two meshes together I still have the problem. I tried seperating everything, this doesn’t work either.
I could try an upload a .blend to demonstrate the problem. I have no idea why it started though. Anyone have any clues ?

Are there perhaps doubles along one or more edgeloops (which make them de facto face loops)?


Good thought, but there aren’t any doubles. I should also mention that instead of seeing the yellow line indicating which loop to cut, all I get is a green line lying along an edge.

So you’re saying that the loop subdivide (ctrl-r) is behaving like the vertex loop select (alt b)?

When you click when the green line is present, what happens? Do you get extra vertices - you can check by doing remove doubles.

I think a blend file would help.