Face loop select direction?

I know loop select is done with the alt + RMB, but this only selects one of the possible loops passing through the face. Is there a way to change the direction of the loop selection? in 3ds max this would be done using Ring Select as opposed to Loop Select.
I know you can do this by selecting two edge loops and pressing F , but Im hoping theres a shortcut for it, since it seems like a pretty simple feature

You select a face so it is the active one, and then alt+rmb one of the adjecant faces to select the loop and its direction?

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That only seems to work some of the time.
this is my mesh and I want to select the highlighted loop


I alt + RMB click on the face at the top and while still holding alt, click on the face below it. But that selects the horizontal face loop (the one that goes around in a circle)… not what I want :confused:

Ive tried many things, double clicking, etc but I cant seem to be able to find a stable method for selecting the loops I want. Sometimes it works sometimes not, and in this case it doesnt, I dont understand.

Try clicking closer to the adjacent edge of the selected face in direction you want, clicking on face “dot” markers is not very robust and goes wrong sometimes.

Also, (don’t know of any selection issues with this alternate method) in vertex mode, you can click on edge(selected or unselected) in direction you want while using CTRL+ALT and faces will be selected in that direction.

Thanks for tip on two edge loops, I have never used that.


It´s quite easy, imagine the quad triangulated into 4 tris diagonally.
Clicking in one of those 4 sectors decides the direction. If you have an active face selected or not actually makes no difference.

If you click the quad in one of the two tris in line with the loop you want, it´ll be selected. If you have shaky hands and click in one of the two tris in the opposing direction, it slelects the faceloop perpendicular to the one you actually wanted and through the face you clicked.

Works all the time for me.

And I wouldn´t use “F”
If you have 2 edgeloops selected and press F, it creates new faces between the edges. All you do is to create duplicate geometry occupying the same space causing z-fighting… or did I misunderstand what you’re doing?

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I agree with arexma here.
Although when I tried to find proof of the idea it would create duplicate faces, first using an UV-Sphere and then a subdivided plane, I could not.

When I tried it with a subdivided plane I watched the faces and edges count at the top bar of the blender windows
and although it did raise the faces count when I Extruded an entire edge of the plane -
it did Not raise the Total face count when I used [F] to select a face-loop using two edge-loops.

On the UV-Sphere I tried to select Two face-loops that were side by side
by using [F] on two selected edge-loops
which were divided by an UN-selected edge-loop.
I could not get proof of the extra faces I thought would be created.

After selecting two side-by-side face-loops that way
I selected the middle edge-loop and pulled it away using [G] expecting to find the newly created faces I thought would be there and there were No freshly made faces, and my total face-count had not gone up either.
It did select the Two side-by-side face loops by doing that particular test, so I may occasionally find myself using that illegitimate-select method.

I do feel that it is a bad idea to develop the habit of using [F] on two edge-loops to select face-loops though.
arexma’s description of how to direct your face-loop directions is preferable, and once learned it’s much faster, (and easier on your comp/blender I would think).

(I was using Blender2.57 in my tests)

Using the F key, seems to work pretty well actually. No extra faces or anything, but it does take more time to do since I have to select alternating loops to stop the faces between the ones I actualy want selected from being affected after pressing F

The method of click inside the selected face, works very well! This is what stumped me previously. I didnt realise you had to click inside the polygon close to the edge you want the direction to be in, to get that loop. Now it makes sense

However it doesnt seem to work in my particular situation where I need to select this relatively thin loop (the link in my previous post shows what Im talking about).
Im starting to think its a bug. Maybe the face is too small and blender doesnt register clicks properly on it?

you would have to zoom in a bit to get the mouse to recognize that it is within one of those triangles near the thin edges of your skinny faces there.

I understand how it works now! Thanks for the help guys

Thank you so much for this!

I still do not understand. I want to select two adjacent quads, then select the remaining loop of adjacent quads in the same direction (via parallel edges).

In other words, I want an edge ring in one direction only, not two (assuming all quads). If that’s been answered here, I can’t get it to work.


If I hold Ctrl+Alt while clicking the Select mouse button on a face, I get what I want about half the time: all the faces in one loop selected (but the loop direction is random).

Loop selection doesn’t work that way

Extending the selection would start by selecting two or more to form a pattern, or selecting start and end when selecting shortest path. Multi loop selection would be based on edges.

You choose the direction from an edge, not a face. Face loop gets selected based on the edge nearest to the mouse cursor, and the loop gets selected based on the edge ring that edge is part of. Works every time.

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