Face loops question.. (ADMIN PLEASE MOVE TO WIP)

I have started with the face modelling tutorial and then gone on to start modelling the rest of the head.

In a way, I am not really sure if I am doing the right thing by continuing the face loops towards the back of the head or not, From what I have read, the way to go is to use quads so subdivision works better(?) but I have a triangle just behind the eye (which I suppose I could change to a quad) and one at the back of the head at the top-right on the side prifle view. I can’t see any way to turn this last one into a quad at all.


My question is, should I worry about these triangles at all? Are they going to cause problems further down the line? The only way I can see to get rid of them is to add a whole new face loop in which I think is a bit wasteful as it means adding vertices I don’t need.

Any comments on the actual head model itself would also be appreciated as I am wondering if I am going about this in the right way…

This feels like a WIP thread since it’s about your specific project more than a general question.

Anyways, that’s for the moderators ^^

I think just about anyone will tell you to fix that triangular face you got there. But it all depends on what you’re gonna use the model for, I’ve come to understand that animating models needs a MUCH cleaner ‘topology’ than stills. So if you’re ever gonna have your head wiggle his eyebrows I suppose you should fix that tri first.

About the model in general, it looks quite alright. Only thing which looks way off is the backhead, should be a bit bigger than it is now.

Keep up the good work!

Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about whether to post in wip or not as it’s a general question about my approach. I suppose I’ll have to wait for someone to move it anyway.

I adding a new face loop the only way to remove it? I am guessing it is.

Oh, you are right about the back of the head, it was much smaller before and my girfriend suggested making it bigger as she passed by me doing it. What does she know, eh? :wink:

I take it you mean it needs to be pulled further back, away from the face?

Yes that was what I meant.

As for getting rid of the tri. I’m kinda sucky at reorganising my topologies but I suppose that’s one way of doing so, yes. It’ll be adding vertices either way you go about it anyways.

Having looked up a reference pic for an anatomical side view, the top of the head was too low and the back to far forward.


This looks better I think?

Much much better!

Bu’ well, I’m gonna hit the sack now, good luck with this!

Thanks Muscly!

One way to deal with tris without adding lots of verts is to “chase” them back through the existing topolgy. This means deleting the back edges of the tri then reconnecting the verts in such a way that the tri face is now pushed to the next loop. Basically you’re connecting the top section of one loop to the bottom section of the next loop.

You can repeat this process until the tri ends up on a non-deformed surface, hidden under hair or to a point where adding a loop (turning the tri into a “four-point tri” adds very few verts. In your case I think you could chase this tri almost to the back of the head then add one edge to the seam and, if I’ve added it up right, you end up with the same number of verts you have now.

I think the top of the head i still a bit low. The eyes are generally half way between top and chin.

Andy, I had to re-read that a few times and it’s clicked with me now. I was just finding that adding more edge loops to fix the problem was forcing me to add more geometry without being in a position where I was happy with the shape I had yet.

Thanks again.