Face modeling

(DreamMaster) #1


I decided to try and model face again for my 2nd attempt to model a face from strach.

First of all before you comment… :o

*I know I over did the lights and materials… I got carried away lol :smiley:
*Under eyelids need more work
*Am going to add ears later
*Add textures later

What do you think? I bet it is better than my last face that I modelled. :slight_smile:


Yucky :-?

(lerpiedood) #2

Very nice, much better:)

(paradox) #3

Boy you improve fast. Very nice.

(sten) #4

nice work…

now for the tweaking :wink:

(DreamMaster) #5

Just thought you want to see it in wire. :smiley: Well actually I put a bit of subsurf in it :smiley:

(thatbrikwal) #6

i like it a lot, especially the wire. very clean and nicely contoured, you’ll thank yourself later. what does the non-subsurfed cage look like?

(DreamMaster) #7

Here is animated image without subsurf.


(Bapsis) #8

Very nice work DM, your work is very diverce. With organics like this head as well as more tech looking items, like that sexy little ship you just modled and animated, good job!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #9

thats a heck of alot better! it looks great :o i especially love the lighting =)
front view looks perfecto, just one minor detail aroudn the eyebrows, i cant really see any features there, its too smooth
side view again, looks great, a more detailed jawbone area is in order though, once again, just a lil too smooth

thats it thgough, this head is beautiful 8)