face modelling

decided to try and model a persons face im trying to keep the topology clean and flowing and after many failed attempts i think im getting better at it mainly just looking for some feedback on my progress so far if there is anything that looks off or if theres anything that maybe i could have done better any critique and suggestions are welcome

Firrst thing I have to remind you is that as you add geometry in front view, you really need to line it up as close as possible in side view instead of waiting like you have here. I know where you got this from - I just recently watched the same tutorial where I found the teacher leaving off the side view work until all the front view work was done. I just started a head myself, and I might start a thread now to show my progress too.

Mainly you want to concentrate on the rings of edge loops around the mouth, around the eyes, and circling the chin to the nose. I’ve seen several examples, and each is different so it means we have some interpretation room.

yeah, you haven’t started lining up the X vectors yet so effectively you don’t have a 3d image yet. The front seems fine so far you will of course need to add edge loops but you want to do that as you need them. When you get some more progress post it again where we can see the faces as well.

OK so far. Steven Stahlberg (well respected character modeller) uses this approach so I guess it’s as valid as any.