Face! My first attempt with reference...

Hey peeps, had tried modeling a face before when I started out but didn’t have any skill back then. Heres my new attempt using reference images. Am I doing alright? any major bad things?



side view looks ok, hard to see anthing in the front view, there seems to be something wrong with the direction of the normals…
Did you try to recalculate the normals (edit mode, select all vertices, press ctrl+n) ?


I’m sorry to say, but no, you aren’t. I mean, artistically you’re doing it right, I’m going to reassure you that from what I can see actual SHAPE of the face looks fine, but technically… you’re going to be running into some problems. Way too many vertices to start out with, it’ll make it hard to control anything smoothly, and you seem to be making the face out of half a cylinder, which means you have no flow, which means it’ll be impossible to animate or to add any more detail to than you already have without subdividing the mesh beyond all reasoning.


Here, this is really all you need–cause the face shape itself looks good, I’ll say yet again–It’s a really cool system for making a face, and it helped me no end at the beginning.

black boes right Id suggest starting a new using torqs tutorial. It was my guide for my first face. It applicable to game models as well even if it is a dat on the high side.

haha, after an embarassing first attempt :o … managed to find time tonight to try the tutorial suggested. Got quite lost on the nose, but i think it looks alright… I couldnt find anything on the lips so had a go myself, again got confused but had ago. I made a loop cut around the face to split the verts near the corners of the mouth, probably not a good idea, any suggestions? Better than first attempt? heres some screens with wire and subsurf, subsurf no wire and an unsubsurfed one :yes:


Well, Good first attempt, my first head was very simular, as I had no clue how to model one. Your second face is better, as you have better edgeloops that you clearly got from the face tutorial. However, if you really want to be a good modeler, you need to not follow a tutorial word for word. And by this, I mean you should really make an attempt to understand why you put edgeloops where you put them, and the anatomy behind the human face. I really recommend you read through this excelent explanation of edgeloops and topology. http://www.subdivisionmodeling.com/forums/showthread.php?t=907

Now it’s not going to tell you how to make your head, or anything, but it is incredibly helpful, and you’ll be 10x better after reading through it!
After understanding more about how you model a head, I recommend you to goto a coffeeshop or somewhere where there are people. Take a few hours to just observe people, taking notes about their faces. Most people just recognize the main things like nose, eyes, mouth. But also observe the shape of the head. Look at the foreheads on different people, the jaw line, the neck, observe wrinkles in old and young people, how does the cheek bone affect the contour of their face. Try and figure out what makes that person look like that person. This will help a great deal! And with practice and good observations you should be able to model great looking people without even using reference images! And when you are using reference images, try to use them as little as possible. As they are 2d, and you are creating a 3d object. Don’t be afraid to edit in perspective views, it will really bring your mesh to life! I hope I could help.

cheers for this advice, I had a quick look at the link and it looks very interesting. I’ll have a proper look when I get back later. Because these were my first face attempts, I did follow the reference images closely just to get a proper idea how to switch between views and how things should sort of look. I will start trying to get my own going after I’ve finished this one. Cheers for the help people. :yes: